ColoradoBrand Candles

Welcome to the ColoradoBrand Candle shop!

These candles are handmade by me in small batches right in my kitchen. They are made with clean burning soy wax and phthalate free fragrances. I use only top quality fragrance from Candlescience.  I've tested fragrances from many other craft stores and websites, and nothing beats Candlescience's fragrances!

The cold throw of these candles is almost as amazing as when you're burning them! Just take the lid off, and let it sit!

I love the simplicity and recyclable nature of glass jars. I use both 4oz and 8 oz jars. The 8oz jars may be straight-sided or squat jars. Since the candles are in glass jars, you may notice "frost" on the sides and tops. This is perfectly normal, and the candles will still burn just fine.

I try to limit the amount dye I use, so my candles are usually lighter in color rather than deeper. This helps the candle burn more efficiently as dye can sometimes clog the wick.

The 4 oz candles burn from 20-25 hours.

The 8oz candles burn from 40-45 hours. 

Follow the "Candle burning tips" for optimum burn time!

Fun fact: my ColoradoBrand etsy shop was originally started for selling candles. But it turns out, candles are really hard to sell online  unless you have an established brand. 


Handmade Soy Candles

ColoradoBrand Candles

These candles are all handmade by me. I've spent many hours testing...